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Ghetto Villah has released another single titled "Siyawa" taken off his 17 track debut album titled Mr. Ghetto swagger. With this track he proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with in Swaziland's growing Hip Hop industry. It's a feel good party themed track.

The track has been well received by the masses and he performed it during the recent "Annual Weekend Experience" event and the crowd went wild while chanting, "Siyawa!". He says there is more where that came from and he isn't a one-hit-wonder. "It's been difficult for us as a team to figure out which track to push after we dropped "Ng'phumekasi" because we felt like all of the tracks carry so much weight." He said. I agree. When listening to this album it is very difficult to choose a favourite track, you end up loving them all the same.

It seems like Ghetto Villah had been quietly planning a music industry hijack and you can sense his hunger when listening to this project. He is absolutely phenomenal with words. His album features artists such as Mageez, Kena, Paige, MP, 80 Script, Psycholution, Margaret Bennett, Michelle, Ras Richie, Diba Diba, Vicca, Slim Q, Psyber Fire and Sika. He says that the consept for the "Siyawa" video has been layed down, so it might be coming soon.